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Axon Esay 400

Intelligent design: compact, convenient, connected


Ekoenergetyka Axon 400 is capable of charging at 400kW/hr. Equivalent to 100km every 2.5 mins. 


Its intelligent capabilities offer a range of possibilities which improve the user and operator experience. 

Charging Comfort & Safety 

Equipped with a retractable cable management system, keeping the cables at a safe distance from the ground, making the charger easy to use for all users, including individuals with limited mobility. 

Product specification

Explore the technical features
of the Axon Esay 400

Load management

  • Smart Charging with OCPP built in
  • Dynamic Load Balancing system 

Built-in safety

  • Emergency Stop 

Intelligent design

  • IP54
  • IK10

Dimensions (DxWxH)

  • 1050x750x2120mm 


  • Ethernet
  • Wi-Fi   
  • GSM/ 3G/ 4G
  • RFID
  • Payment Terminal

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