How to Get Electric Car Charging Points For Your Business in Ireland

How to Get Electric Car Charging Points For Your Business in Ireland

Electric vehicles were the future, but now they are becoming a reality. With countries looking for solutions to tackle climate change, one of the important issues is tackling the amount of CO2 emissions from private-owned vehicles.

How to Get Electric Car Charging Points For Your Business in Ireland

This is a problem for the whole world and not just Ireland. But our government has a large-scale plan on tackling climate change, and this plan is already funded with 500 million euros.

As a business owner, you can also contribute to the electrification of Irish vehicles, and make a profit along the way. By installing commercial EV charging stations, you will support sustainable development, and place your business on a “green” map.

Are You Looking For Electric Car Charging Points for Businesses?

EV charging points for your business can be a great investment. However, there are monetisation models you could consider, and choose the best one for your business.

Loss Leader

Using this model, you will offer your customers a free charging service for their electric vehicles. The idea behind this model is to attract new consumers. If you can count on them to spend on your other services or items, more than you spent on the charging points and electricity, you are making a profit.

Businesses like large commercial stores, shopping centres, and other locations where consumers spend a lot of time, can benefit from the Loss Leader model.

Covering Your Operational or Total Costs

Electric car drivers don’t mind paying to charge their vehicle, but they will compare the price to their home electricity rate. Investing in public EV charging points can be quite taxing on some businesses, however, instead of making a profit, you invite new consumers by charging the service just enough to cover your expenses.

The EV drivers will be happy they have a charging station for their electric pet, and you will be able to use sustainability in your next marketing strategy. This plan will surely invite new customers to your business.

Making a Profit

The last model in this blog post is profit-making with installing electric charging points for businesses. The model itself is self-explanatory, but there are a few points worth mentioning.

One is that you can benefit from this model if your consumers don’t have a choice. Without a cheaper option, an electric car owner will have to opt to charge their car at your charging point.

However, and this is the second point, if you set the price too high, you could receive a bad reputation and be seen as a business exploiting EV owners.

Getting Your Next Business EV Charging Point

Now is the time to jump in on the sustainability game and install your next business EV charging point. Your business will benefit from all the new consumers converging to your business location.

But you will also show your consumers that you care about the environment, and this can be an effective marketing strategy.

If you need help or advice on the next step towards your new business EV charging point, feel free to contact us.

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