3 Best E-Car Charging Solutions

3 Best E-Car Charging Solutions

The biggest problem electric vehicles face currently is the lack of EV Charging Points. The price of the most popular EVs is just around what consumers think is acceptable, their range when fully charged is also decent, but without more chargers and a better government-incentivized network, electric vehicles will hardly reach a tipping point and overshadow combustion engine cars.

Therefore, if we want electric cars to become the next technological standard, we need more charging stations. The government can push and help install DC fast-charging stations on motorways, but private companies should also be installing chargers themselves.

3 Best E-Car Charging Solutions

Home E-Car Charging

Our first and easiest e-car charging solution is home chargers. Home charging stations serve two important aspects. One, you can wake up to a full battery in the morning and have your car ready for the daily commute.

And two, home e-car charging takes advantage of the night electricity rates. Meaning, you will save even more money because night charging is a lot cheaper than day charging.

On the other hand, even though home charging stations are increasingly more powerful, they simply cannot provide enough power to charge an EV under the magical 31 minutes.

They do however offer another advantage.

E-Car Charging at Home Combined With Green Energy

Another advantage home charging offers is the use of green energy. If you have assets that produce green energy using the sun or wind energy, you can use the created surplus to charge your vehicle.

Zappi charger, a home e-car charging solution offers three charging modes, each focusing on using as much green energy surplus as possible while delivering the desired output. Eco+, for example, is a charging mode using only or mostly the surplus green energy.

Zappi is not the only home charger that uses green energy surplus, but it is the one that offers many advantages like the charging modes, Myenergi app, and more.

Ireland Needs More Public Charging Stations

If Ireland wants to truly adopt electric vehicles, it needs more public e-car charging stations. And specifically, we need fast-charging stations. But what we also need is standardization.

Currently, because fast-charging stations are owned by various companies and some managed by government bodies, we have various power outputs, different charging speeds and costs.

The Irish government has a plan to have around 900 000 electric vehicles on the road by 2030. The barriers to reaching that plan aren’t EV prices or even the driving range on a full charge. It is the accessibility of charging stations.

Are You Looking for E-Car Charging Solutions?

Whether you are a business owner looking to invest in e-car charging stations or you are a private individual looking for home charging solutions, you need professional hands to install the charging points and make sure everything is working properly.

If you are looking for home or public charging stations, you can always reach us on 1800 99 88 77 or send us an email through this contact form.

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