5 Reasons You Need a Zappi Charger in Ireland

5 Reasons You Need a Zappi Charger in Ireland

Home chargers are one of the most effective ways to charge your electric vehicle. You will easily charge during the night, meaning you will save money due to electricity night rates, and you will have a fully charged vehicle ready to commute.

Zappi charger is one of the more popular choices in Ireland, and for good reason. It comes with many innovative options and technologies we will discuss further in this post.

Zappi Charger Is One of the Few Chargers in Ireland to Use 100% Green Energy

5 Reasons You Need a Zappi Charger in Ireland

If you have solar panels or a wind tree, or anything that will help you harness renewable energy, you can get the most out of the Zappi charger.

Zappi offers three charging modes. Eco, Eco+, and Fast.

Eco uses both renewable energy and the power from the grid to charge your vehicle as fast as possible without using too much energy from non-renewable sources.

On the other hand, Eco+ is a charging option using only or mostly renewable energy. Eco+ might take the longest to charge your vehicle but it is also the cheapest and most environmentally friendly especially for Solar Integration.

Finally, we have the fast option. If set on fast charging, your Zappi home charger will use what is available of the surplus free power and combine it with the power from the grid to charge your vehicle in the least amount of time possible.

For those of you who don’t have access to green energy, Zappi can still function as a classic EV charger, using only the energy from the grid. But, it will also alter its charging rate as you turn your home devices on or off. This will increase the safety of your home.

Myenergi App

Myenergi App gives you remote control of your Zappi charger. You can set timers, prioritise charging, use different cool functions like boost charing, all from anywhere in the world.

You can also monitor energy usage and green energy imports and exports. This is an added extra via the Communications Hub.

Zappi Charger Has Weatherproof Design Perfect for Ireland

Zappi home charger has an IP rated weatherproof case perfect for the ever-changing Irish weather. If you don’t have a garage, you don’t have to worry about the charger. All you need is a safe space for your charging cables, like the boot of your EV, or a dry spot in your home.

Tethered Cable

The Zappi charger (tethered version) comes with a 6.5m cable which coils around the Zappi charger itself giving it excellent cable management.


The Zappi charger comes with PIN code access if required.

Have Your Zappi Charger Installed by the Best Experts in Ireland

Installing chargers is work that requires expert hands and knowledge. This is why you need the best Zappi Charger experts in Ireland.

If you are looking for Zappi charger installation in Ireland, you can always reach us on 1800 99 88 77 or send us an email at info@epower.ie.

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