Can I Power an Electric Vehicle with Wind - Enter the Wind Tree

Can I Power an Electric Vehicle with Wind – Enter the Wind Tree

Can I Power an Electric Vehicle with Wind - Enter the Wind Tree

The wind tree looks like a tree, albeit one that measures only 9 feet (2.7 meters) tall and has drooping leaves resembling those of Salvador Dalí. These leaves, however, are actually tiny microturbines in which a rotor magnet assembly spins a blade through a power circuit.

Turbines are embedded in each tree to extract energy from middling wind. The machines accumulate and store power, eventually turning kilowatts into watts.

The trunk is composed of three sheets of steel that split into numerous branches, on which the 36 leaf-shaped wind turbines are affixed. The Wind Tree utilises a wide range of wind, from calm winds to strong gusts of wind in both urban and rural settings.

The technology could also be employed in wind farms to reduce the amount of land required for turbines.

The Wind Tree has the potential to revolutionise the way we harness wind energy. With its ability to generate power in a variety of environments, the Wind Tree could help us move closer to a future powered by renewable energy.

How Much Could a Renewable Energy Wind Tree Power?

The Wind Tree is a renewable energy source that can power electric vehicles. It also has other low power consumption uses. So, how much could renewable energy wind tree power? It really depends on the use.

For electric vehicles, it can charge 3 EVs at the same time and power 15 street lights. If you’re using it for an office space, it can power 100m2. Meanwhile, if you’re in an off-grid area, it can power 5-10 people.

Here’s a summary:

  • 15 street lights (100 Watts LED)
  • 1 family home with 3-4 people (1,000 Watts)
  • 3 electric vehicle charging ports (Level 2, 7.2 kW) – that’s 16,364 km for an electric car in a year
  • 71 parking spaces
  • 100m2 of office space (if the space has a low energy consumption (20kWh/m2)
  • 5-10 people in an off-grid area
  • 20 mobile phones

What Different Types of Wind Trees Are Available from ePower?

The Wind Tree from ePower is composed of a number of trunks, which then split into branches on which leaf-shaped wind turbines are attached.

There are three different models available:

The Wind Tree 36 Aeroleaves Output 10.8 kW

The Wind Tree is a green energy source that compliments both residential and commercial projects while still looking beautiful and preserving the surrounding environment. Choose the colours of your leaves and trunk to build your tree. Finally, add in any other options you desire.

The Wind Tree comprises three steel trunks that branch into 36 leaf-shaped wind turbines. The wind turbines are attached to the smallest leaves. The Wind Tree may harness any amount of wind, from gentle breezes to strong bursts in both urban and rural settings.

Planting a Wind Tree saves the equivalent of 864 kg of coal or 41 fifteen-litre Jerry cans of petrol each year.

The Wind Bush 12 Aeroleaves and 12 Solar Petals Output 4.2 kW

The Wind Bush is the smallest of the three trees, measuring between 12 and 15 feet tall. It is suitable for planting alone or in clusters. It may also be grown in pots. It has the same number of photovoltaic petals as Aeroleaves.

The Wind Bush is a four-stemmed, 12-Aeroleave and 12-photovoltaic-petal combination mounted onto four interconnected stems. It’s especially useful for sunny areas with limited space. The Wind Bush may be placed alone or in a thicket, in walkways or peripheries. Since it only needs a simple base to keep it affixed to the ground, it is easy to install.

Planting a Wind Bush saves the equivalent of 576 kg of coal or 28 fifteen-litre petrol cans each year.

The Wind Tree Modular 18 30 Aeroleaves Output 5.4 9 kW

The Modular Tree is a unique variation of the Wind Tree. You may personalise your tree by selecting from three different sizes of aeroleaves: 18, 24, or 30. Solar panel petals are also available for even greater performance.

The Modular Tree may be planted in any location, whether next to a road, in a public park, or your own garden. It is made up of three to five steel trunks that lead into eighteen to thirty-leaf-shaped wind turbines. Photovoltaic petals may be added for even more power.

Planting a modular tree saves around 864 kilograms of coal or 41 fifteen-litre Jerry cans of Petrol each year.

What Are the Benefits of Installing a Wind Tree?

It Integrates into Existing Networks

The Wind Tree is a distributed energy resource that can be connected to existing networks without the need for new infrastructure, making it a very flexible and easy-to-install renewable energy solution.

It’s a Green Source of Energy

The Wind Tree is completely green and produces no emissions, meaning it doesn’t contribute to air pollution or climate change.

It’s Silent and Has a Small Footprint

The Wind Tree is very quiet and doesn’t take up much space, making it an ideal renewable energy solution for both urban and rural areas.

It’s Easy to Maintain

Once the Wind Tree is installed, there is no need for regular maintenance or repairs, making it a very low-maintenance renewable energy solution.

Who Makes the Wind Tree?

The Wind Tree is made by the French company NewWind. They are a renewable energy company that specialises in developing and manufacturing innovative wind turbines.

NewWind was founded in 2010 by two engineers, Jérôme Michaud-Larivière and Philippe Marlière, who wanted to find a more efficient and environmentally friendly way to generate electricity.

NewWind’s goal is to make wind energy more accessible and affordable for everyone. The company’s flagship product, the Wind Tree, is an innovative and efficient wind turbine designed to be easy to install and maintain.

Can I Easily Get Cables from My Wind Tree to My Electric Vehicle?

Yes, the Wind Tree comes with a standard 5-metre cable that can be used to connect your electric vehicle to the tree. Alternatively, you can purchase an extension cable if you need a longer one.

Are you interested in the Wind Tree? If you want to learn more about this innovative product, please visit our webpage on wind trees here. You may also contact us at +353 21 243 0300 or send us an email at

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