Free Electric Car Chargers in Ireland

Can You Get Free Electric Car Chargers in Ireland?

Free Electric Car Chargers in Ireland

We already talked about the reduced costs you can expect once you go fully electric with your vehicle. And the price benefits are obvious, most people aren’t doubting this anymore. The problem, however, is still in the overall starting price and the availability of electric car chargers in Ireland.

Electric vehicles are already more expensive than petrol or diesel vehicles even with the government incentives. Add to that the price for a home charger and people have a hard time converting.

Free Electric Car Chargers in Ireland

Here is the answer to your question. No, you can’t get a free electric car charger that you can install in your home garage. However, you can find EV charging points in Ireland where you can charge your vehicle for free. And even better, you can get a government grant that can help you finance a home electric car charger.

Using Public Electric Car Chargers in Ireland

When you buy an electric vehicle, one of your charging options is to use public charging stations. You can find them all across the country as part of different parking lots, closed or opened.

Some you can find at gas stations, others at mall parking lots and other buildings like hotels or restaurants. In fact, there is quite good business sense in giving an option to consumers to charge their vehicle for free.

However, while this option is cheaper than paying for traditional fuel, charging your electric vehicle at home saves you even more money, and maybe more importantly time.

You see, with current technology, charging an electric vehicle takes a bit of time. There is no way to go around this, you can’t just “fill up your tank” and be on your way. So, if you first have to travel somewhere else to charge your vehicle, it quickly becomes a nuisance to own it. Hence, the best and least expensive electric car charges in Ireland are home chargers.

The Government Grant for Electric Car Chargers in Ireland

Maybe you didn’t know about this, but there is a government-funded support scheme to help you install a home charger for your electric vehicle. Home chargers are your best bet to “free” energy for your vehicle. How? Well, you can combine them with solar panels and use 100% green energy to charge your vehicle.

Sure, the process is expensive in the beginning, but long term? You can charge your EV for free. However, without a home charger, that would be impossible.

Luckily if you fit the requirement for the SEAI grant, you can get €300 to help you buy and install a home charging unit. There are quite a few requirements that you can find on their website. But you should know that ePower’s chargers are eligible for the grant, and if you have a fitting vehicle, you are more or less good to go.

Do you need help around the SEAI grant or do you have questions about our home charging units? Reach out to us at 1800 99 88 77, +353 21 243 0300, or contact us here.

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