Install an EV Charger for Your Apartment

Can You Install an EV Charger for Your Apartment?

Electric vehicles are slowly taking over. They are better for the environment, charging costs less than petrol, and as technology advances, EVs are less expensive.

Give it another five to ten years, and you will see mostly EVs on Irish roads. However, there is still one big problem, charging. Car owners need fast and consistent charging points throughout the country, and a charger at home to make buying an EV feasible.

Install an EV Charger for Your Apartment

One of the easiest ways to wake up to a fully charged vehicle every morning is a home charger. But what if you live in an apartment, can you have a home charger then?

In this post, you will learn about what you can do when it comes to EV apartment charging.

Here’s What You Need to Know About EV Apartment Charging

The problem with EV apartment charging is that most residential buildings were designed before electric vehicles became widely popular. Charging points require a special electrical infrastructure, and for a building with a few hundred residents, that represents a problem.

Yes, in theory, it would be possible for every parking space user to install their charger and connect it to their electricity supply after the main fuse, which is often also located in the parking area.

Still, this solution has a scaling and grid capacity management problem. What happens when dozens or a hundred owners install their chargers and charging cables begin to get in the way of driving?

In other words, many complex issues surround EV apartment charging. Yet, there are things you can do to make EV apartment charging possible.

When Your Parking is Publicly Owned

If you are using public parking and want to have a nearby and accessible public charge point, and you own an electric vehicle, you can contact your local authorities. The local office can then apply for a public charge point grant, and make EV apartment charging possible for owners living in residential buildings with public parking.

EV Apartment Charging for Renting Residents

In the case where you own or want to own an electric vehicle, but you don’t own the parking space, the SEAI created two tiers.

Tier one is aimed at situations where there is no or insufficient infrastructure for EV apartment charging. In this case, the one asking for a grant and starting the whole project is the owner’s management company, a commercial landlord, or local authorities.

Tier two is applied when there already exists a shared network and an EV owner is looking to add a single charger. In this case, residents or tenants can start the project, and apply for a grant online with the landlords’ permission to install the charger.

Where to Look for EV Chargers Suitable for Apartments?

There is a lot to understand about EV apartment charging, and many officials to contact. But once you get to a point where all you need is a charger, you can reach us on 1800 99 88 77 or send us an email at

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