Embracing the Electric Era: EV Chargers for Service Station Forecourts

Embracing the Electric Era: EV Chargers for Service Stations

Embracing the Electric Era: EV Chargers for Service Station Forecourts

As the dawn of the electric era rises, the ubiquity of electric vehicles (EVs) is set to reshape our roads and transportation infrastructure. For service stations, this transition brings both a challenge and an opportunity. EVs are not just another type of vehicle; they signify a fundamental shift in the way we think about transportation and energy consumption.

The need for service stations to adapt and prepare for this change is not merely desirable, but essential. As EVs become increasingly dominant, the traditional petrol and diesel pumps will give way to EV chargers, transforming the landscape of service station forecourts. Embracing this change is not just about future-proofing the business, but also about playing a critical part in the global push towards sustainable and environmentally-friendly transportation.

The evolution of forecourts has always been driven by changes in transportation technology and consumer needs. From simple fuel dispensers to comprehensive one-stop shops, service stations have continuously adapted to the changing landscape. With the advent of electric vehicles, the forecourts are set to undergo yet another transformation. To accommodate EV charging, the adaptation will not only involve installing charging infrastructure but also reimagining service station design and customer experience.

The transition to electric involves more than just swapping petrol pumps for chargers; creating opportunities to provide enhanced retail and leisure experiences. As customers wait for their cars to charge, service stations can become community hubs, offering a wide range of facilities and services. This shift in business model will not only cater to the new era of transportation but also contribute to the global effort towards sustainability.

Expert Services for Electric Vehicle Charging Points

ePower, a leading service provider in the EV industry, offers a comprehensive suite of services to service station forecourts transitioning to a future dominated by electric vehicles. Our holistic approach caters to the unique challenges and opportunities presented by this transition.

A. Advisory Services

We provide expert advice on the strategic planning and implementation of EV charging infrastructure. Our team conducts in-depth analyses of site-specific factors, potential customer base, local legislation, and energy grid capacities to provide a personalised roadmap for your transition.

B. Design and Planning

Our design services aim to future-proof your forecourt, incorporating EV charging points without compromising on the functionality and aesthetic of your service station. We take into consideration factors like traffic flow, accessibility, and visibility of charging points to ensure a seamless integration of EV chargers into your existing layout.

C. Turnkey Solutions

We provide end-to-end solutions, from procurement and installation of EV chargers to after-sales support and maintenance. Our turnkey solutions are designed to deliver a hassle-free transition, allowing you to focus on enhancing your customers’ experience as they enter the new era of electric vehicles.

D. Tailored Billing Solutions

Understanding the unique needs of each service station, we offer tailored billing solutions to ensure a smooth, transparent, and efficient process. We incorporate features such as dynamic pricing, peak and off-peak tariffs, and pay-as-you-go options. Our solutions are designed to provide flexibility while ensuring profitability. We also offer integration with existing point-of-sale systems, making the billing process seamless for both the operator and the user.

E. 24-Hour Local Customer Service

We are committed to providing prompt and reliable customer support around the clock. Our 24-hour local customer service team is always at hand to address any questions, concerns or issues you may encounter. From troubleshooting technical glitches to guiding through the operation of EV chargers, our dedicated team ensures a seamless and efficient service, helping you deliver an outstanding customer experience at your forecourt.

Leading Commercial EV Chargers

At ePower, we are proud to supply, install, and manage some of the industry’s top-quality EV chargers. Engineered for durability, reliability, and user-friendly operation, our range of EV chargers caters to the diverse needs of the evolving EV market.

1. Fast Charging Stations

Our fast charging stations offer incredible speed and efficiency, significantly reducing charging times compared to conventional chargers. These high-power chargers are perfect for locations where people have limited time, such as retail parks or convenience stores.

2. Ultra-Fast Charging Points

Designed for places where time is of the essence, our ultra-fast charging points can deliver up to 350 kW of power, capable of charging most EVs to 80% in less than 20 minutes. These chargers are ideal for service stations on major roads and motorways, providing a quick top-up for travellers on the go.

3. Destination Chargers

Our destination chargers offer a slower, more cost-effective charging solution. They are perfect for locations where EVs will be parked for an extended period, such as hotels, restaurants, or office buildings.

4. Home Chargers

We also offer compact and efficient home chargers, making it convenient for EV owners to charge their vehicles at home. These chargers can be wall-mounted and are designed to withstand different weather conditions, offering a practical and reliable charging solution for residential use.

Across our range, we ensure that the chargers are compliant with all necessary regulations and come equipped with features such as integrated payment systems, user-friendly interfaces, remote monitoring and support. By choosing ePower, you’re securing a partner committed to delivering top-quality solutions to power the future of mobility.

Our Partner Brands for EV Charging

At ePower, we work in collaboration with the world’s leading EV charging equipment manufacturers. We endeavour to provide a diverse range of high-quality charging solutions that cater to different requirements, settings, and budgets. Our partner brands include:

  • Circontrol – A global leader in efficient parking solutions, Circontrol also excels in creating robust and reliable EV chargers. Known for their smart energy management, Circontrol’s charging solutions are designed to optimise energy usage while ensuring a seamless charging experience.
  • ABB – ABB is renowned for its pioneering technology leadership in electrification products. Their high-quality, fast charging stations are designed to keep up with the stringent demands of the evolving EV market, providing reliable and efficient charging solutions.
  • EVBox – EVBox is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of electric vehicle charging stations and charging management software. With a focus on innovation, EVBox offers a comprehensive range of quality chargers suitable for every possible charging situation.
  • Ekoenergetyka – Ekoenergetyka, a Polish company, is known for its state-of-the-art charging infrastructure solutions. They specialise in producing high-power charging systems for electric vehicles, offering a blend of power, reliability, and smart integration.

Embracing EV Charging: A Step Beyond the Comfort Zone

Recognising the need for adaptation in the face of the burgeoning EV charging market, we at ePower encourage service stations and businesses to step beyond their comfort zone and embrace this transformative technology. Transitioning to a greener operation not only contributes to environmental sustainability but also positions your business as a forward-thinking force in the rapidly evolving landscape of mobility.

Moreover, the growing customer base for electric vehicles establishes EV charging as a promising avenue for increased revenue and customer retention. With ePower at your side, you can seamlessly integrate EV charging into your existing operation, future-proof your business, and cater to the needs of the next generation of drivers.


In the face of this significant transition in the traditional forecourt, ePower stands ready to guide the way with its expert services and cutting-edge commercial EV chargers. We understand that integrating EV charging into traditional operations may seem daunting, but we’re here to ensure that the process is smooth, efficient, and beneficial for your business.

Our diverse range of commercial EV chargers, from ultra-fast chargers for high-demand locations to cost-effective destination chargers for extended stays, caters to every requirement. With our expert knowledge, tailored solutions, and unwavering commitment to customer service, we’re not just providing equipment; we’re delivering the power to drive change. By collaborating with ePower, service stations can confidently navigate this transition, embracing new business opportunities and playing a significant role in the electric revolution.

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