myenergi Zappi Electric Car Charger

Fastest EV Home Charging Stations in Ireland

More and more electric vehicle charging points are popping up around the country, but did you know that not every charging point is created equally?

If you own an electric car, you probably do already know that. After all, who hasn’t been at a public charging point patiently waiting for their vehicle to charge up.

The reason for this is because the length of time it takes to charge your vehicle differs greatly depending on which charging point you are using.

If you are ahead of the game, you probably recognise that the way forward is to get yourself an ultra-fast home charging station.

The advantages of these are plentiful. They are convenient, cost-effective, and dependable.

It should also be noted that they can be super-fast. Here are just a few fast EV home charging stations that are available in Ireland.

myenergi Zappi

myenergi Zappi Electric Car Charger

The Zappi has made a name for itself as the EV charger of the future.

Not only can it be ran entirely on green energy, but it is also easy to install and entirely user friendly. It works at a power of up to 22kW, which allows you to charge your car at a quicker rate than many of the alternatives.

It is an excellent option and one that will give you the power you need to go on those long journeys through the Irish countryside.

Wallbox Pulsar Plus

Wallbox Pulsar Plus Electric Car Charger

The Pulsar Plus is an intelligent charging system which protects DC leakage and is a suitable parking option for most homes with an electric vehicle.

It is fully Wi-Fi and Bluetooth integrated and with a whole range of other attributes, it could be the option for you.

Working at a power rating of 3.7 kW – 7.4 kW, it is an adaptable charger that works just as well with electric vehicles as it does with plug-in hybrids.

eo Mini Pro

eo Mini Pro Electric Car Charger

The eo Mini Pro is another excellent choice, working at a power rating between 3.7 kW – 7.4 kW.

If you go for it, there is also €300 SEAI Grant available. It is the world’s smallest fast charger. Did we mention that it is compatible with all plug-in vehicles and comes in a range of colours too?

If you are unsure of the charging needs for your electric vehicles, then you should consider talking to ePower.

You can call us on 1800 998877 or email Our expert team are happy to guide you through everything you need to know.

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