How to Get the EV Apartment Charging Grant

Here’s How to Get the EV Apartment Charging Grant

Have you been reading about electronic vehicles? Maybe you realized using electricity for the daily commute, and especially at night, is cheaper than petrol. Then you also saw Irish government is incentivizing buying and charging electric vehicles with grants, plus EVs are not as expensive as they were. All in all, it seems like the prime time to go electric.

You search the internet for a few options, find the one you like, and then you realize you have a problem. You live in an apartment complex, and you have access to public parking. How are you going to charge your vehicle overnight?

How to Get the EV Apartment Charging Grant

Luckily for you, there is a way, and there is an EV apartment charging grant to make it financially feasible.

How to Charge Your Electric Car if You Live in an Apartment?

Until recently, there were no EV apartment charging grants and very few stations suitable for larger residential buildings. That meant you could only charge at public charging points and possibly your office parking lot.

The problem with not having a home charger is that nobody can guarantee you a spot when you need it.

Luckily, the popularization of electric vehicles brought solutions. SEAI came up with two possibilities for EV apartment charging.

EV Apartment Charging Grant Eligibility

The whole scheme is aimed at multi-units developments. This includes developments with at least two units were shared or private parking is available but there is no dedicated off-street parking.

Each tier then has several requirements in the application process, for example, proofs of work and required documentation submitted to the SEAI for tier one, and an electric vehicle registered at the address for tier two.

EV Apartment Charging Grant Without Existing Networks

If a multi-unit development doesn’t have an existing charging network, there is a much more complicated and expensive process to install it, called tier one.

First, the management has to survey the residents about their interests. Then, management and residents together decide on the most suitable approach for issues like how to cover the costs and who will own the equipment.

The application process has many more steps, but it is crucial to know the residents get a say in how to approach the project, and no work should be done before the date on the letter of the offer, which is issued if the contract is successful.

SEAI Grant for Existing Networks

Because of the existing network, where you can connect a home charger, getting a tier two SEAI grant is much simpler. Firstly, you should seek permission from the owner of the property, and if you have an electric vehicle registered at the address, you can then apply online via SEAI’s scheme for a grant of up to €600.

Both Tiers, One Expert Provider

A great factor that simplifies the process is that regardless of the tier of your project, we can help you with development. Whether you have questions about the grant, installation process, or the chargers themselves, our experts are happy to help. Simply call us on 1800 99 88 77 or send us an email at

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