Home Chargers Can Help Ireland

Home Chargers Can Help Ireland Reach the 936,000 EVs by 2030 Goal

Home Chargers Can Help Ireland

The Irish government has a goal to reach 936,000 electric vehicles on Irish roads by 2030. However, Irish people still find electric vehicles expensive on average. The question is then, how can this plan be achieved? And maybe, more importantly, why even try?

How Electric Vehicles Impact Climate Change

Electric vehicles help reduce carbon emissions in a very specific way, they don’t emit any. While it is still true that in some countries, the parts needed to build an EV are created using non-renewable sources, an EV will still produce less carbon than a petrol-based vehicle during its lifetime.

On the other hand, in countries like France and Norway where most electric vehicles are produced using green energy, EVs considerably reduce carbon emissions, which helps fight climate change.

How Home EV Chargers Come Into Play?

Electric vehicles still have two major flaws, one is their price, and the second is the inaccessibility of charging points in Ireland. Both can be alleviated using home chargers.

Firstly, home chargers create the possibility to use night rates which considerably lowers expenses. And secondly, considering the long charging times to fully charge an EV’s battery, the best option is to simply leave it to charge overnight and wake up in the morning to a vehicle ready for daily commute.

Using home chargers, people can spend less, use green energy from solar or wind sources, and charge their vehicle in the most convenient way, at home!

Help Ireland Reach Its Goal

By buying an electric vehicle and investing in a home charger, people can take an active part in fighting climate change. For anyone looking to help the environment, they can call 1800 99 88 77 or contact info@epower.ie and get their first home charger.

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