How Much Does an Electric Vehicle Charging Station Cost?

How Much Does an Electric Vehicle Charging Station Cost?

Last year, electric car sales in Ireland significantly increased despite the pandemic. Based on SIMI’s data, 2020 sales for Petrol/Plug-In Electric Hybrid, Diesel/Electric and Diesel/Plug-In Electric Hybrid reached 3,004 while 2019 sales only totalled 1,347. This means that there was a 123% increase in sales for these three types of EVs in 2020.

How Much Does an Electric Vehicle Charging Station Cost?

These figures are undeniably impressive, especially since overall car sales in the country went down because of the pandemic. With these data, we can say that there is a growing interest in EVs amongst Irish motorists.

Soon enough, electric cars are going to outnumber petrol or diesel vehicles. When this happens, we can expect electric vehicle charging stations to become ubiquitous with every house and business having its own.

If you intend to buy an EV or want to future-proof your business, having a charging point is a must.

Factors that Affect the Cost of an Electric Vehicle Charging Station

There are two factors that affect the cost of EV chargers: the price of the unit and the installation fee.

EV Charger Price

There are different types of domestic and commercial EV chargers. These devices vary in terms of design, amperage capacity, speed and features. These factors affect the price of EV charge points.

When it comes to features, those equipped with advanced technology like smart EV chargers cost more than basic units. Smart devices make charging cheaper and more convenient for users.

Also, commercial EV chargers are more expensive than domestic types mainly because they have more features like back-office billing and LCD display. Some even have built-in technology for credit card payments.

Installation Fees

The cost of installing the charging station depends on the labour fees, amount of civil works needed, length of cable runs required and the materials.

If extensive work is needed, installation fees are going to be higher. Typically, installing a commercial charging unit on existing structures costs more because it entails more work.

For most houses, installing EV chargers is fast and inexpensive as long as you purchase a unit with an amperage level that matches your home’s available power capacity. Upgrading your electrical power capacity increases your installation costs.

Electric Vehicle Charging Station and Government Funding

Government funded support schemes are available for homeowners and businesses that intend to purchase and install EV charging units.

If you are getting a home charger, there is a €300 grant that can be used to purchase and install the device. But you need to meet certain criteria to be eligible for this scheme – e.g., you must own an EV that is on the SEAI’s list.

If you are getting a commercial EV charger, there are business incentives available as well. One of them is the Accelerated Capital Allowance (ACA) – tax incentives for companies that invest in energy-efficient products and equipment like EV chargers. Just like the EV home charger grant, you have to satisfy certain conditions to be eligible for the incentive.

Electric Vehicle Charging Station: How to Get an Accurate Estimate

Since there are different factors that can affect the price of getting an EV charger for your home or business, the best thing you can do to find out how much you will spend is to contact a professional EV charger installation company.

All you have to do is to call or email your chosen company. To give you an accurate estimate, they will ask you about your budget, needs and preferred device (if you have any). They will also conduct a house visit, so they can assess how much work is needed to install the device.

In summary, the cost of getting an EV charger varies for every house or company because of their unique needs or requirements. Hence, the only way to find out how much you will spend is to ask a trusted EV charger installer.

Are you getting an EV charging station for your home or business? ePower is the preferred installer of domestic and commercial electric vehicle chargers in Ireland. Call us now on 1800 99 88 77 or send us a message to request for a quote!

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