How to Get the Electric Car Charger €300 SEAI Grant

How to Get the Electric Car Charger €300 SEAI Grant

The Irish government, as well as the rest of the EU, is working hard to entice people to buy electric vehicles and make driving them stress-free. One of the difficulties they are facing is the accessibility of electric car chargers.

As larger companies are investing in fast-charging stations, the government has recognized the need for drivers to charge their vehicles at home. And to help make that a reality, they offer a €300 grant. What follows is an overview of how to apply for that grant.

Electric Car Charger Installation Options

How to Get the Electric Car Charger €300 SEAI Grant

Electric vehicles owners still have limited options when it comes to electric car chargers. But, your best option is to get a home electric car charger. With a home charger, you can make the most out of night rates and wake up to a fully charged vehicle.

And yet, there is an issue with this solution. What about EV drivers living in apartment complexes? Can they install a home charger on their parking spot and simply connect to the grid?

Recently, SEAI recognized this problem and created a possibility. The answer isn’t easy, but it makes it possible for people living in residential buildings to have easy access to electric car chargers.

What is the €300 SEAI Grant?

SEAI offers three grant possibilities:

  1. The home charging grant of up to €300.
  2. Public charging grants – suitable for local authorities to install public electric car chargers.
  3. Apartment charging grant – available to local authorities, housing bodies, and private landlords.

In general, SEAI wants to help residents, homeowners, and landlords install chargers and make charging as effortless as possible by creating more stations.

How to Get the €300 SEAI Grant

If you are an individual and a homeowner, you can apply for a home electric car charging grant and get up to €300. The requirements are the following:

  • You need to own an eligible EV, new or second-hand, bought after 01.01.2018.
  • Your EV needs to be parked on off-street parking associated with your home and the charger needs to be connected to your home.
  • You are not eligible if there was a past grant awarded to the property.
  • The vehicle needs to be registered to you, or another applicant living in your home, and your address, unless you have a company vehicle.
  • If you want a home charger for a company vehicle, you need to have permission to use the vehicle for at least a year from the date of application.

The public charging grant needs to be requested by the local authorities and they have to abide by the electrical and safety criteria. Plus, they need a full plan on paper that includes pricing, maintenance, billing, etc.

Finally, the apartment charging grant has two tiers. The first tier is for large scale projects and has to be requested by, for example, private landlords or owner management companies. And the second tier, is similar to the home charger grant in terms of eligibility and amount.

Do You Need an Electric Car Charger?

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