How to Install Electric Car Charging Stations in Apartment Complexes

How to Install Electric Car Charging Stations in Apartment Complexes

As the electric vehicle ownership percentage increases in Ireland and all over the world, the owners and the government are tackling the problems to make their long-term goal a reality.

One of those issues is charging electric vehicles in apartment buildings. If you own an EV, not charging it overnight and waking up to a fully mobile vehicle is a substantial matter. So, what can you do if you live in an apartment and need better access to electric car charging stations?

How to Charge an Electric Vehicle In an Apartment?

How to Install Electric Car Charging Stations in Apartment Complexes

There are two possible solutions when it comes to installing electric car charging stations in apartment complexes.

The first solution is to install a home charging station connected to an existing network. This is possible in apartment complexes where a charging network was planned and sufficient power is available to add another charger on the parking spot you own.

The second option is for apartment complexes without an existing network. In this case, installing a home charger becomes much more complicated because you first have to check if enough power is available and then create a system to distribute that power without obstructing other residents.

In general, if there is an existing network and you can simply connect to it, all you need is permission from your landlord or an OMC and you can contact the installation experts to start working.

If your building doesn’t have an existing network, your landlord or the OMC has to commence the project. Luckily, both projects can be eligible for an SEAI grant.

The Grant for Electric Car Charging Stations in Apartments

Similar to the two options for installing electric car charging stations in apartments, there are two tiers in the SEAI grant-awarding programme for assistance with charger installation.

Tier one is for large-scale projects where support with cabling, infrastructure, construction, and bulk installation of chargers is required. In this case, the one who commences the project and asks for the grant is the local authority, OMC, private landlords, etc. Available support is between 50% and 80% of project eligible costs.

Tier two is suitable for EV owners who are looking to add a personal home charger to an existing electrical car charging stations network. If you have an eligible electric vehicle and you want a home charger in your parking spot, you can apply through an existing €300 grant via the existing home charger grant scheme.

Look for a Suitable Charger

Whether you can connect your new electric car charging station to an existing network or you need to communicate with your landlord about constructing one, you will need a suitable charger and experts who can install it.

When you are ready for this step in your project, you can get in touch with us on 1800 99 88 77 or send us an email at We offer an array of suitable chargers that make the best out of green energy and can charge your vehicle as fast as possible.

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