How to Use Public EV Chargers in Ireland

Electric cars are becoming popular around the world. In Ireland, more than 41,000 electric cars were on the roads by the end of 2021. A recent study established that more than 20% of the cars sold were either hybrid or electrical vehicles. This finding indicates that people are starting to embrace the green mode of transport.

The Irish government plans to introduce more than one million electric cars on the road by 2030. This figure represents a third of the total number of vehicles driven in the country. Therefore, the government will need to offer public charging points to allow people to charge their cars while on the road. Since it is still a new concept, learning how to use public EV chargers is essential.

Who Provides Public EV Chargers?

Electric cars are all powered using electricity. Therefore, one can obtain the source from several places. Most electric car owners will have a charging system at home. However, you may need to use public EV chargers when going for a long journey.

Below is a detailed list of the leading providers in Ireland.

ESB Ecars

Ecars Company owns more than 1400 charging points within the country. The government also invested in the said program as part of the Climate Action Fund. Users must sign up on their official website and use the RFID card to make payments.


EasyGo is a privately owned company in the country. It is the second-largest EV charging network in the country, with over 3000 charging points. The company plans to increase the number in the coming years, and users need to become members to use this network. You can join the network via the mobile app, RFID card, or QR scan.

Circle K

Circle K charging points are found in most parts of the country. You can locate these charging points using the Site Locator and enabling the ‘electric car’ filter.


Tesla is one of the leading networks of superchargers, also known as DC hubs, and destination chargers known as AC charger points. However, only Tesla owners can use SuperChargers. You can find destination chargers in hotels and restaurants.


Ionity is a famous company that owns several charging points in Ireland. They offer CCS fast chargers exclusively with charging speeds of up to 300kW.


Applegreen is taking a huge step toward increasing its profits by installing hundreds of electric car stations for customers. Recently, it rolled out the DC fast chargers in some locations. One can locate these fast charging points using third-party apps such as ChargePoint and ZapMap.

How to Use Public EV Chargers

Everyone owning an EV should know the charging process regardless of the make. EV owners should understand the variables for charging. Some of these terms include:

  • kWh stands for the maximum battery capacity
  • kW is the charging speed
  • CCS is the combined charging system, which is one of the standard plugs for fast charger
  • Type-2 is also a charging system usually found in home charging points

Charging your electric car using a public charger is quite simple. The payment procedures and starting of the charging process differ depending on the operator. However, the concept remains the same among all public EV charging providers. The main steps include:

  1. Locate the charging point and pull up the vehicle
  2. Open the charging port on your vehicle. The charging point may be in front or at the side of the car, depending on the model.
  3. Connect it with the charger. Some operators do not provide a charging cable. Therefore, you may need to use your cable. Select the suitable connector and plug it in for those with a cable attached to the charger.
  4. Make payment- Most providers accept contactless payment. However, old networks may require users to have an account or use an app to process the payment.

It is essential to charge your vehicle to 80% when using a public EV charger. According to complex scientific analysis, it may take longer to fill the 20% compared to the first 80%.


Installing an EV station in your company, whether a small company like a wood flooring supplier or a large pharmaceutical manufacturer, can increase productivity by attracting eco-conscious clients and saving energy costs.

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