Should Supermarkets Provide More Charge Points for Electric Cars in Ireland

Should Supermarkets Provide More Charge Points for Electric Cars in Ireland?

Should Supermarkets Provide More Charge Points for Electric Cars in Ireland

There is growing demand for electric vehicles in Ireland, as more consumers look to reduce their carbon footprint and adopt clean energy technologies. However, one major barrier to the widespread adoption of EVs is the lack of reliable charging infrastructure, especially in remote areas where there are few public charge points available. To address this problem, many have called on supermarkets to step up and provide ev charge points in their parking lots.

By installing ev charge points in their lots, supermarkets can help to ensure that even those without access to a home charging station can reliably fuel their cars. These charge points would also be a great advertisement for the supermarket, bringing in customers who want to take advantage of the quick and convenient charging stations. In addition to benefiting local ev owners, these ev cables could encourage shoppers to use other sustainable transportation options, such as walking or biking.

There is growing demand in Ireland for more charge points at supermarkets and other locations frequented by electric car drivers. This demand is driven by the increasing number of electric vehicles on Irish roads, and by the need to recharge these vehicles on a regular basis. Many ev owners face challenges when it comes to keeping their cars charged, especially if they live in rural areas or travel long distances on a daily basis. Providing ev charge points at supermarkets can help to address these challenges and give drivers more flexibility in where they choose to recharge.

How are supermarkets stepping up to the EV charge point plate?

In recent years, many supermarkets, recognizing the need for better access to charging stations, have begun installing ev cables or other ev charge points in their parking lots,. These ev cables are typically located near the entrances or exits of the parking lots, making them easy for drivers to access even when they are carrying groceries or other items from the store. Additionally, ev cable ports are typically lockable, offering additional safety and security for ev owners when they are not actively charging their vehicles.

Despite these benefits, some concerns have been raised regarding supermarkets providing ev charge ports. Some critics say that such stations will divert electricity needed for other purposes in stores like refrigeration systems, resulting in higher costs for consumers and less profit for businesses.

Given all the benefits, it seems that supermarkets should take steps to provide ev cables at their locations. In supporting cleaner transportation options and minimizing the risk of vehicle downtime due to lack of power, they can help accelerate Ireland’s transition towards a greener future.

Should I plan my journey to ensure I have access to charge points

If you’re an electric car owner, it’s important to plan your journeys in advance so that you can ensure you’ll have access to a charge point when you need it. To help with this, the Irish government has created an ev charge point map, which shows the location of all public charge points in Ireland. This map is available online and can be used to plan your route, whether you’re traveling by car, bus, or train.

When using the map, keep in mind that not all charge points are available at all times. Some may be turned off due to maintenance or other reasons, so it’s always best to check the status of a charge point before you begin your journey. Additionally, the map only shows the location of charge points, not the type of connector that is required to use them. Be sure to check the charging station’s documentation in advance to ensure that you have the right type of cable for your vehicle.

By planning your journeys in advance and familiarizing yourself with the ev charge point map, you can ensure that you’ll always have access to a charging station when you need it. With a little preparation, you can make the switch to electric car ownership with confidence.

Where can I find EV charge point maps in Ireland

There is a great article by the Irish EV Owners, in which you can read about Public Charging Works. They tell you of some key outlets that offer EV charging, like Circle K, Applegreen, Ionity and Tesla – they also provide links to apps.

There are a few apps that show you where to find charge points for your electric vehicle. None is comprehensive, and a few charge points are usually missing, but they might be useful if they cover the charging networks you use most frequently.


Although most people in Ireland now own or have access to an electric vehicle, the infrastructure for charging these vehicles has been slow to develop. Many drivers are understandably frustrated by the lack of public charge points, which makes it difficult to travel long distances without having to worry about running low on power. Some argue that supermarkets should do more to help meet this growing demand for ev charge points. After all, grocery stores are well-positioned to allow drivers a convenient and accessible place to charge their vehicles, and many already offer free parking as an added perk for customers.

Others, however, believe that the provision of ev cable charge points should be a shared responsibility between manufacturers, the government, and private companies like supermarkets. Regardless of who should ultimately foot the bill for ev cable installation, there is no doubt that the need for more ev charge points cannot be ignored. Ultimately, this issue will only become more pressing as electric vehicles become more common across Ireland and beyond.

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