Should You Get a Smart Home Car Charger?

Should You Get a Smart Home Car Charger?

Choosing an electric car charger can be overwhelming with the different options available these days. But if you want a device that is future-ready, then a smart home car charger is something you should consider.

What Is a Smart Home Car Charger?

Should You Get a Smart Home Car Charger?

It is a charging point equipped with technology that enables it to ‘communicate’ with the EV and the charging operator. Each time you plug your vehicle, the unit sends real-time data to a cloud-based platform. The charging operators can use these data to optimise their energy usage.

A smart EV charger also allows users to remotely access and control the unit, making charging EVs more convenient. Using a mobile device, you can initiate charging as well as monitor its progress.

Benefits of Using a Smart Home Car Charger

Charge Safely

The charger is designed to automatically test its connection with the EV before it starts charging. Moreover, since it can be monitored and controlled remotely, you can stop charging when there are issues.

In addition, with its load balancing feature, you can worry less about dealing with an overloaded circuit board. Sometimes referred to as power sharing, load balancing makes it possible for the electricity to be distributed evenly which is of utmost importance from a safety perspective and essential for any home charger installation.

Easily Manage and Schedule Charging

Unlike a basic or ‘dumb’ charging point, a smart device does not immediately start charging once you plug it in. In fact, you decide when to initiate charging. This is beneficial because you can schedule it when lower electricity rates are in effect.

While a smart charger allows you to do this, it is worth noting that almost all Electric Vehicles allow you to control this same feature from the car itself allowing you to avail of this feature irrespective of which charger you have installed!

With this feature, powering up your EV will not only become more convenient but also cheaper. Furthermore, charging during off peak hours benefits the planet as it cuts your charging emissions.

Monitor Energy Usage

A smart device allows you to track your energy consumption. With this feature, you are going to know how much energy you have used and how much you have spent. These data are extremely useful, especially if you want to charge efficiently or lower your charging expense.

Is a Smart Home Car Charger the Right Choice for You?

It really depends on your budget and needs. Some EV owners opt to go for the basic electric car charge points because of the cost since smart car chargers are a bit more expensive.

It should be noted though that there is a €300 incentive available for those who plan to install EV chargers in their homes. For as long as the device is on SEAI’s list, you can use the grant for the purchase and installation of your smart home car charger.

A smart unit is also a good choice if you want a charger that is future-ready. The increase in EV usage will have significant effects on the electricity systems – i.e., surge in the demand for power. Hence, experts anticipate that the use of smart EV chargers will become mandatory in the future.

In fact, it has already started in the UK as EV charge points funded by the Government must have smart features. This initiative was rolled out to prevent grid disruptions brought about by high peaks of power demand.

In summary, a smart EV charger is an excellent choice, especially if you want a device that you can use for many years. With this type of charge point, powering your EV is going to be cheaper, cleaner and more convenient.

Planning to get a smart home car charger? We offer a range of basic and smart EV chargers from reputable manufacturers. Call us now on 1800 99 88 77 or visit our website to view our products!

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