The Best Way to Charge Your Nissan Leaf

The Best Way to Charge Your Nissan Leaf

The Best Way to Charge Your Nissan Leaf

Nissan Leaf is a great electric vehicle crowned as the best selling EV in 2018 in the whole of Europe! On the Nissan Leaf Ireland website, still stands their Leaf is the number one electric vehicle in Europe, and it gets better every year.

So, what happened? How did Nissan Leaf take over the electric vehicle market, and more importantly, if you own one, what is the best way to charge it? In other words, what is the best Nissan leaf home charger?

Why Nissan Leaf Is So Great

Let’s just put things in perspective, shall we? In 2018, Nissan sold more than 40 000 Leaf vehicles across Europe. That means one Nissan Leaf was sold every ten minutes. It is safe to assume most Irish EV owners have a Leaf. So, what makes it so great?

First of all, it is moderately priced at only 28,145€, a price that includes the government grant for private buyers of 5000€. This EV now also includes great door-to-door navigation, very comfortable seats, a ProPILOT, and the newest version allows a range of 385 kilometres with only one charge.

The Best Way to Charge Your Nissan Leaf is With a Home Charger

In Ireland, the government is currently improving the charging infrastructure making it far more desirable to own an electric vehicle. Maybe that is the reason EV sales have gone up by a 100% in the last year.

However, the most effective way to charge any electric vehicle in Ireland is still using an expertly installed home charger. There are quite a few great choices like the EO Mini Pro, wallbox, and Zappi by myenergi. But which one of them is the best Nissan leaf home charger?

By far the best Nissan leaf home charger is Zappi created by myenergi. The reason is quite simple. It is easy to install and even easier to use. However, the real reason behind its genius is its ability to use only 100% green energy created from your solar panels or wind generation.

Zappi offers you three charging options. Eco, Eco+, and fast. Eco uses completely green energy, and fast charges at maxim power, using what it has from a renewable energy source and the rest from the grid.

If you combine a Zappi charger with their myenergi app, you will be able to control your energy consumption and set the charging times easily from your phone.

Do You Have Questions Regarding Your Nissan Leaf Home Charger?

The great thing about hiring professionals like ePower to install your home charging stations in Ireland is the service. You will quickly realize we have your best interests in our hearts and you can expect a fast and high-quality installation.

So, if you have any questions about the home chargers, pricing, or other information regarding electric vehicles, feel free to contact usat 1800 99 88 77, +353 21 243 0300, or fill out this here.

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