The Cost of Home Charger for Electric Cars in Ireland

The Cost of Home Charger for Electric Cars in Ireland

Are you planning to switch to an electric vehicle? Just like most car buyers, cost is definitely an important consideration for you. One thing you should know is that, aside from the EV’s price, you also need to take into consideration the cost of an EV home charger.

The Cost of Home Charger for Electric Cars in Ireland

While public charging points are available across Ireland, having a charger at home is still highly recommended for EV owners due to a variety of reasons.

For one, charging at home is undeniably more convenient as you can top up your vehicle overnight in preparation for the next day.

Furthermore, this option is more economical than using on-street chargers, especially when you charge on night rate electricity. In fact, reports estimate that charging at home allows EV owners to spend three times less than they would when charging using on-street EV chargers.

While the aforementioned information is encouraging, you certainly would want to know the cost of EV home chargers.

How Much Is a Home Charger for Electric Cars?

There are different types of EV residential chargers sold in the market today. There are single phase and three phase chargers with the corresponding type 1 or type 2 connector. There are also tethered and untethered home charging devices.

Furthermore, these chargers vary in terms of amperage capacity – 16Amps that can supply 3.6kW and 32Amps that can supply 7.4kW. They also come with different features such as advanced onboard display, load balancing, WiFi capability and even facial recognition.

All these factors affect the price of the charging device. For example, smart EV home chargers are slightly more expensive than units with basic features.

If you want to know exactly how much you would have to spend, you can contact a reputable charging provider in Ireland like ePower and request for a quote.

In Ireland, there is a wide selection of electric car charging solutions for residential properties. Hence, you are not going to have a difficult time finding a device that meets your budget.

SEAI Grant for Home Charger for Electric Cars

Since you are going to spend a considerable amount of money on your new EV, you might be thinking of cutting down on your EV-related expense by purchasing a cheap charger. This is not a smart decision as the quality of the device should be more important than its price. Besides, there is no need to scrimp on your charger because you can apply for a grant.

The SEAI offers a €600 grant that private EV owners can use to purchase and install home chargers. So, if the cost of the device and installation is €1050, you only need to spend €450 when you get the grant.

It should be noted that you need to meet some conditions to be eligible for the grant. One of the criteria is that your new or second hand EV should be on the list of eligible vehicles. Another requirement is that the property where the home charger is going to be installed cannot be associated with a previous EV vehicle grant and charge point offer.

To find out what the other criteria are, you can read our blog on the SEAI Home Charger grant.

In summary, the cost of a home charger for electric car varies depending on the device’s specifications and features. For maximum cost savings, you can apply for the €300 SEAI grant.

Do you want to know the cost of a home charger for electric cars? Call us now on 1800 99 88 77 or send us a message on our website to request for a quote!

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